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Auto Loan Rate Deal of the Day: Kansas City Credit Union at 2.75% APR

Getting a new car can be exciting, but not nearly as exciting as getting an extremely low auto loan rate. Members of Kansas City Credit Union are eligible for a competitive auto loan rate of 2.75% APR.  This low rate will lead to lower car payments, making the purchase of a new vehicle a sound investment.

Auto Loan Terms and Conditions

The auto loan rate stated above is available for members of Kansas City Credit Union that are financing vehicles that are two years old or newer. These rates apply to terms of up to 36 months, and can vary based on credit worthiness. Kansas City Credit Union offers financing up to 100% of the NADA retail value.

About Kansas City Credit Union

Kansas City Credit Union began more than 70 years ago, in 1940, serving the employees of Kansas City, MO. Since then, it has expanded its membership profile, as well as the number of locations to better serve its members. Kansas City Credit Union is dedicated to providing a safe, convenient place for its members to save and obtain loans at a reasonable rate. Kansas City Credit Union is a non-profit cooperative with a Board of Directors that is elected by its members, not stockholders.

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