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CD Interest Rates Today: Alterra Bank at 0.85% APY

Alterra Bank

Many savings accounts offer impressive interest rates, but there’s always the concern that they might decline as the market changes. With a certificate of deposit, the rules are different. A CD is just like any other savings package, with one difference — a CD’s interest rate remains fixed in exchange for the account holder’s promise to keep his money on deposit for a set period of time.

With Alterra Bank‘s 24-month CD, dedicate a minimum $1,000 to this special savings account and receive a 0.85% APY that earns impressive dividends.

CD Interest Rates: Terms and Conditions

Interest on this savings account, at the 0.85% APY, is credited and compounded quarterly — which, after a two-year term, is eight times total over the life of the CD. Account holders can also track how much interest they’ve earned with free online banking.

Alterra Bank’s two-year CD is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.

About Alterra Bank

Operating with a simple motto of “Become the world’s greatest bank,” Alterra Bank follows through with a number of personal and business solutions designed to help people near Kansas City achieve a healthy financial future.

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