Kansas City Banking Rates

Best CD Rates, IRAs and Investments in Kansas City

Kansas City Banking Rates want to help you earn money, save money and put yourself in the best position for your own financial situation. If you have a savings account that you do not need for the rest of this year, it may be a good idea to invest into a 6-12 month CD and take advantage of the higher interest rates. You can earn up to 1% or more in a CD versus a savings account with a $5000 CD over 10 years; that can be over $500-$1000 more in interest payments with the higher CD rate.

Many local Kansas City credit unions offer competitive CD rates, money market accounts and IRAs, as do the larger national banks. If you want to get the highest interest rates, be sure to thoroughly research banks with the best offers before you make your decision. Kansas City Banking Rates has relationships with many banks to maximize the potential of finding the best rates.