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Highest CD Rates in Kansas City, MO: February 1, 2011

CD rates can vary greatly depending on the term and location of the account. Don’t settle on the first rate you’re offered; researching the rates from all the banks and credit unions in your area will likely result in finding competitive offers you never knew existed.

But what if you don’t have the time to look up each financial institution’s rates and compare them against the rest? That’s exactly what Kansas City Banking Rates does so you don’t have to. We collect rates data from thousands of local banks and credit unions and make the information available to you for free.

Finding the Best Rates in Kansas City, Kansas City

When you come to Kansas City Banking Rates looking for the highest rates near your city, how do you know which ones are really the best? We can provide you with rates from any bank within a 50 mile radius of where you are, so use the average in Kansas City to determine which rates are truly outstanding offers. Right now, the average CD rates in your location are:

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  • [accountaverage type=”12″]
  • [accountaverage type=”24″]

Best Kansas City CD Rates: Term of 6 Months

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Highest Kansas City CD Rates: Term of 12 Months

[accountlist type=”12″ number=”3″ bankname=”on”]

Best Kansas City CD Rates: Term of 24 Months

[accountlist type=”24″ number=”3″ bankname=”on”]

If you’re interested in opening a CD account with any of the above banks, visit the Kansas City bank directory for contact information and to see a list of additional banks and credit unions in the area.

Please note that rates are accurate as of the publish date but are subject to change at any time.