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Highest Kansas City 24-Month CD Rates–August

The month of August is just about over, which means Kansas City CD rates will likely change up as banks and credit unions adjust their interest rates going into September. Getting the best CD rates isn’t usually an easy task in today’s economy, but Kansas City Banking Rates exists to help you pinpoint the best offers right away.

For example, there are many Kansas City 24-month CD rates that outperform the average for the city. Find out where you can obtain the best rates today.

Advantages to Investing in a 24-Month CD

There are several different CD terms you can choose from, including those that last just a few months to those that extend many years, but there are distinct advantages to choosing a 24-month CD. A 24-month CD is great for a depositor who is most concerned with obtaining a higher rate, rather that short-term liquidity.

Highest 24-Month CD Rates in Kansas City

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The above rates are accurate as of 8/29/11, but may change at any time in the future. Please contact individual financial institutions directly to verify rates and learn about an additional requirements.