Kansas City Banking Rates

What Are Kansas City CD Rates Paying You?

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Kansas City CD Rates

Recently, Kansas City Banking Rates analyzed the current certificate of deposit interest rates within its database to find out what the city averages were for 6-, 12- and 24-month CDs. These averages were then compared against the rest of the nation to find out how competitive Kansas City CD rates are with other financial institutions in the country.

The database is a compilation of interest rates from local banks and credit unions within 50 miles of Kansas City. Fortunately, it was found that Kansas City CD rates outperform the national average for each term length. It should be noted, however, that the difference between average local Kansas City rates and U.S. averages is quite small and varies from .01% APY to .07% APY. Even so, depositors on the hunt for the best possible interest rates know that even the slightest difference in rates means the difference in dollars earned.

You can find more detailed CD rate information for Kansas City as well as the rest of the country in the infographic above.

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