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Top 24-Month CD Rates in Kansas City, MO – April 20, 2011

When you think about your financial future, do you think long term or short term? Do you look ahead to retirement or wonder how you’re going to make rent next week?

Instead of thinking about one of those two extremes, why not look ahead a year or two? You can achieve a lot with a smart investment–like a 24-month CD. Buying a new car, putting a down payment on a house, those are the big financial dreams that can be yours.

Getting a 24-Month CD in Kansas City

There’s an important element to investing in a CD–the rate. Just because you’re putting cash away for two years doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll walk away with tons of money. However, having a good rate does help, so start by looking at the CD rates in Kansas City. Luckily, Kansas City Banking Rates sifts through the best rates within a 50-mile radius so you don’t have to.

2-Year CD Rates in Kansas City

Currently, in Kansas City there are [accountcount type=”24″] CD accounts available. The highest 24-month CD rate we found is [accountlist type=”24″ order=”desc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY, while the lowest we found is [accountlist type=”24″ order=”asc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY. The average in and around Kansas City is [accountaverage type=”24″] APY.

Knowing what options are available to you in Kansas City is imperative to your financial success. With this information, you’ll be able to calculate exactly how much money you’ll have in a couple of years, and therefore, what you can achieve.

Please note that rates are accurate as of April 20, 2011 and are subject to change at any time. You can find up-to-date information and also look into 6 month or 1-year CD rates by referring to our Kansas City CD Rates page.