Kansas City Banking Rates

Protect Your Credit – Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud

Kansas City Banking Rates helps you find low credit card rates from a multitude of sources. To obtain a card with the lowest rate available, be sure your credit is in good standing.

Consumers often believe they have a great credit score when they unknowingly have been the victims of credit card fraud. If your credit card information lands in the hands of someone else, your credit can take a dive in a hurry. When you find that credit card with a low interest rate, be sure to protect yourself from fraud by remembering to do the following:

  1. Don’t give credit card information over the phone. Unless you’re the one calling a reputable company, you should not ever comply with a caller’s request for personal financial information.
  2. Sign the back of your card. As soon as you receive a new credit card in the mail, be sure to add your signature.
  3. Don’t let anyone borrow your card. If a person is not an authorized user on your card, they should not have possession of it.
  4. Reconcile your statements. If you notice unusual charges on your statement, you can catch a fraudulent user before the problem gets out of hand.
  5. Only carry the cards you use. Don’t carry extra cards around with you. In the event your wallet or purse is stolen, having less cards means less of a mess on your hands.