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Deal of the Day: Bank Midwest Mortgage Loan at 3.500%

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Bank Midwest is proud to be a staple in its community, one that continues to help its Missouri and Kansas customers make their financial dreams a reality.

One reason customers feel safe with this bank is its commitment to help them realize their dream of homeownership through secure loans with competitive rates. For instance, the establishment is currently offering a Bank Midwest mortgage loan at an incredibly affordable interest rate of 3.500%.

Bank Midwest Mortgage Loan: Terms and Conditions

The Bank Midwest mortgage loan is available to individuals who take on a loan term of 15 years. The APR associated with the loan is 3.572%.

Bank Midwest assumes borrowers will take on a loan amount of $100,000 and an estimated property value of $150,000. The rate-lock period for the loan is 30 days and the assumed credit score is 740.

About Bank Midwest

Bank Midwest is a leading community banking franchise, headquartered in Kansas City, Miss. The establishment serves customers throughout Missouri and Kansas by providing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to meet their financial needs.

The bank is owned by National Bank Holdings Corporation, a well-capitalized bank holding company formed in 2009 to establish a leading community banking franchise delivering high-quality client services. Bank Midwest has dozens of locations found in both Missouri and Kansas.

Mortgage loan deals have never been more competitive!

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