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Lowest Mortgage Rates in Kansas City: November 2011

Falling home values across the country, as well as here in Kansas City, are making today a perfect time to purchase a house at an affordable price. Even so, the cost of the property isn’t the only number you should factor into your decision. Mortgage rates in Kansas City will also have a huge impact on how much you pay for your new home.

If you’re planning on home ownership, ensure you take the time to get the best possible mortgage rate first. We’ve compiled the local Kansas City financial institutions with the very best interest rates on home loans right now. Find out if there’s a great deal near you.

Current Best Mortgage Rates in Kansas City, Kansas City

Different mortgage types are going to offer different mortgage rates, but no matter what type of loan you choose, there’s bound to be a great deal in Kansas City. Below are the lowest mortgage rates offered by local Kansas City lenders today for a variety of home loan types.

Best 15-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates in Kansas City

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Lowest 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates in Kansas City

[mortgageratelist product=”30″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on”]

Top 3/1 ARM Kansas City Mortgage Rates

[mortgageratelist product=”3″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on” caps=”on”]

Best Mortgage Rates in Kansas City for a 5/1 ARM

[mortgageratelist product=”5″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on” caps=”on”]

Ensure you confirm these interest rates with the lender before applying. Mortgage rates are accurate as of 11/01/11, but may change at any time. Further, you may be subject to additional requirements or credit approval in order to obtain the lowest advertised Kansas City mortgage rate.