Kansas City Banking Rates

Banks in Kansas City with the Best Savings Rates: September 2011

Everyone has a preference when it comes to choosing where to bank. Some enjoy the convenience of national chains, while others may actually belong to a credit union. A large number of local residents happen to prefer the smaller, community-oriented Kansas City banks.

There are several perks to banking with a local financial institution, so if you’re not satisfied with your existing financial institution, give banks in Kansas City at try.

3 Reasons to Choose Local Banks in Kansas City

So what can a local bank provide you that the big chains often can’t? Every bank is different, but the smaller ones tend to give you the following:

1. More Competitive Interest Rates: Since local banks are primarily focused on the well-being of the community, they tend to provide much more competitive interest rates on loans and bank accounts.

2. Better Customer Service: Local banks make it a point to show their appreciation for customers with more attentive bank employees who do their best to meet your needs.

3. Local Decision Making: Because Kansas City banks are run by residents who are familiar with the needs and concerns of local families and businesses, loan approvals and other major decisions can be made quickly.

Kansas City Banks with the Highest Savings Rates

A savings account is the foundation to financial security. Of course, you’ll want to be sure your deposits are reaching their full potential by obtaining the best interest rate available. Below are the local banks with the top Kansas City savings rates today.

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These savings rates are accurate as of September 29, 2011, but can change at any time in the future. Please contact individual banks to verify rates, as well as learn about additional terms and requirements, before opening an account.