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Deal of the Day: H&R Block Bank Savings Rates at 0.80% APY

H&R Block Bank

A basic — yet essential — component to anyone’s financial plan is a savings account, which allows people to save quickly and more efficiently thanks to the higher interest rate attached to a depositor’s account. Currently, H&R Block Bank savings rates are the perfect example of how a 0.80% APY can achieve high dividends for any financial goal.

H&R Block Bank Savings Rate: Terms and Conditions

H&R Block Bank’s minimum opening deposit for its standard savings account is just $25, with an average daily balance of $100 required to avoid a quarterly maintenance service charge. Savings account interest accrues daily and is credited to the account on a quarterly basis. This account and all other deposit products with H&R Block Bank are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.

About H&R Block Bank

In Kansas City, Miss., H&R Block Bank goes beyond the tax preparation services it’s known for nationwide, offering an array of savings products, CDs, IRAs, loans and its signature Emerald credit cards. Customers also have a choice between numerous walk-in branch locations and mobile banking options.

Take advantage of H&R Block Bank savings rates.

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