Kansas City Banking Rates

Highest Savings Interest Rates from Kansas City, MO Credit Unions

Members of credit unions enjoy numerous benefits, but one of the greatest advantages of belonging to a CU is often the interest rates they offer. Credit unions are not-for-profit and owned by members. Therefore, credit unions return profits back to account holders in the form of dividends. That means if you don’t already belong to a Kansas City credit union, obtaining competitive interest rates is reason to consider joining one.

The following is a list of the best Kansas City savings rates available today from credit unions exclusively:

Credit Unions Offering the Best Savings Account Interest Rates in Kansas City

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Please note that these rates are accurate as of May 26, 2011 but are subject to change at any time. Additionally, there may be specific account requirements that must be met in order to earn the specified rate. Please contact individual credit unions for more information.